New Wave Theatre Company was founded by Jordan Ratliff along with his buddies and roommates, Claire Katz-Mariani and Charlee Amacher. The trio met in ye ole Urbana-Champaign while studying their artistic booties off in the University of Illinois Theatre program. 

After graduating with his theatre degree in 2021 and launching into the professional theatre world, Jordan began to experience firsthand some inequities in the field that made him question the work being done and the impact it created... or lack thereof. He consistently saw theatre spaces produce the same kinds of work without amplifying diversity, inclusion, and community. He was left wondering, "Is this a industry I want to actively partake in if everyone isn't able to access these spaces?" Jordan then sat Claire and Charlee down with a silly little thought of creating a theatre company that revolutionized the professional arts scene as we know it today.

In their professional journeys following graduation, Jordan, Claire, and Charlee met many like-minded artists who were also hungry for change in the Chicago arts scene. And thus was born the mission to Create a theatre company for ALL voices, Unite the theatre community within Chicago, and Empower those who would like to pursue the arts.

And so, that was the CUE to create New Wave Theatre Company!


New Wave Theatre Company revolutionizes traditional theatre structures by creating equitable opportunity, unifying community, and empowering new and emerging artists in the Chicago area. We provide a safe haven for experimental and innovative theatre by developing professional networks and opportunities, curating accessible programming, and reinvesting in community-sustained resources.



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